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Frequently Asked Questions/ Testimonials

Why am I doing this?

It is extremely important that you understand the "why" of your journey. Do some soul searching to get your answer. Having difficulty? I will help you assess your scenario;objectively.

It is hard to do this program?

Yes. It is . You will have many challenges that are hard to determine. Everyone is unique, but you can do this. Your preparedness is extremely important on many levels. 

How long with the process take?

Most college and universities have a standard time period of the process of 7 years, Depending on your desired program, it maybe less. Count on 2.5 years of coursework on a minimum. 


"Dr. Barnett has touched the integral parts of the dissertation process. Although your institution sets  the required standards,Dr. Barnett expresses the practical blend of emotional and scholastic process that one will go through. From the perspective of those who are in a Masters' degree program seeking information about the process, to those who are actively pursuing the Doctoral degree, Dr. Barnett brings a level of "practicality"that is shared as a mentor. For those who want to springboard into this process with clarity, I would suggest reviewing this book." 

-Jamie Barron, Ed.D

Capella University

Chair, Training & Performance Improvement , PhD, MS

Chair, Educational Leadership and Management Ed.D

"Dr. Barnett has removed all doubts in accomplishing one's dissertation in the Ph.D process by answering the emotional questions that will arise as well as the practical questions in achieving the highest level of education desired for one's self. The encouragement through mentoring from this book is bound to increase the number of Ph.D's in our country and the world.

-Alextrae Stokes-McClendon, MPA

Life Coach